S2 E8 Boomer Benefits, How to turn Medicare Insurance into a Profitable Business

Danielle Kunkle Roberts is a Medicare Supplement Accredited Advisor, National Social Security Certificate Holder and founding partner at Boomer Benefits, a national agency specializing in Medicare-related insurance. We caught up with Danielle to learn her story of entrepreneurial success and how she has grown into a $15 million dollar business. 

Danielle Roberts was a journalist student at Texas Christian University before she spend 10 years working in human resources and then realized she really wanted to start a business that would make an impact on people's lives. She started selling insurance over the kitchen table like everyone else in the business and it took some time before she realized setting appointments every night just didn't scale. Plus she would leave appointments and have several voices mails she would have to return from clients with questions about their policies or questions about how to get their parents signed up for the proper insurance with medicare coverage. 

This is when the light went on and she realized that selling medicare insurance coverage over the internet and phone, was the same as the companies doing this for things like auto insurance.  Her focus is customer service, so she has over a million dollars in payroll every year, just to staff the customer service support calls the company, Boomer Benefits takes, 

Boomer Benefits serves tens of thousands of policyholders, by helps seniors learn the ropes regarding Medicare. As a nationally recognized Medicare expert with a journalism background, Danielle regularly writes personal finance and Medicare articles for top publications such as Forbes. She is repeatedly cited for her knowledge about Medicare, retirement, and insurance and regularly speaks out about the need to prepare for the costs of healthcare in retirement. 

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Learn more about Boomer Benefits at https://boomerbenefits.com/

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