S2 E5 Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Podcast with the Host of Podcast Camp

Media producer, podcast expert and the host of The Salty Dog Podcast, Jason Angel Villanueva joins us to talk about his move from Houston, TX to Wichita, KS, getting married and starting podcasting with The Salty Dog Podcast, as a series of conversions between himself and a buddy, mostly about Christian topics.

Jason discovered podcasting in 2013 as he was recording short teachings on a free Word Press blog. He started his graphic design background working for a professional hockey team. Over the years he moved from blogging, to video to podcasting and in 2019 started a short course to teach how to start podcasting as the Podcast Camp.

His course is a practical approach to getting a podcast started. Jason believes that if you are entrepreneur you have to get your story out there, via a blog, video, you tube and/or podcasting.

The Podcast Camp starts with the basics of what you need you record a show, edit you files and publish.   This program is really a practical how to workshop. the course is offered right here in the Wichita entrepreneur community. An interesting side note is that  many of the people starting podcasts locally have actually been on the Saunders and Cash radio show, before they started their own podcast. Looks like they have taken the advice of Jason that every entrepreneur needs a marketing mix that often includes a podcast.

One of Jason’s suggestions for entrepreneurs to get started is you can goggle a lot of your questionsto get help, or check out the number of You Tube videos that help you understand the basics. In Wichita, you can use the recording studio at the library.

His suggestion on content was to get a book, They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan a guide for Inbound Sales, Content Marketing and Today’s Digital Consumer.

He plans to have additional workshops in 2020 and currently provides consulting services at his website The Podcast Camp..  

The choice of content and format really varies based on what you want to accomplish, but you should passionate about whatever you topic is, because that authentic passion is easy to recognize.

As part of your marketing efforts, podcasts should be part the mix. The reason to podcast is to share your story and passion with essentially the world.

This is a great interview and you are likely to learn a lot about podcasting as part of an entrepreneurs marketing mix.

Learn more about The Podcast Camp.

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