S2 E2 Mastering Entrepreneurial Resiliency Part 2

This is part two of our interview with Kenneth Friedel as we learn more about the model for mastering entrepreneurial resiliency. Our podcast is based on our radio show which airs every Sat. @ 2 Pm Central time on KSUN 95.9. You can also listen to the live stream via the TuneIn app.

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Ken is a consultant, master facilitator and trainer. As a certified trainer and facilitator, Ken works with leaders and staff to realize their best-self and enable cultures to thrive during change, conflict, and strategy implementation.

What is entrepreneurial resiliency? Why is important to an entrepreneur? And How to do develop it in yourself as an entrepreneur and in your business team? That’s just a few of things we learn in the this podcast and the next one, as we have a lot of material to cover, so we did two podcasts on this topic.

In this interview we dig into Entrepreneurial resiliency as being the ability to manage conflict constructively.

Resiliency as an entrepreneur is being aware of what you control, finding the gap in any conflict (between what you control, and what others control) and then managing that conflict for constructive outcomes. Ken describes this a difference between where you are and where you want to be.

Ken further discusses that resiliency is the self-care needed to manage the tension and conflict by first recognizing feelings and determine what you want to happen from any set of feelings.

Ken is a trained facilitator in the process model developed by Next Element Consulting. The model is first being open to change. Then understanding the problem solving that comes from being resourceful , being perceptive to conflict and then coming back to being open again. This is a great interview, you will want to listen to both parts. You can reach Ken, via email (friedelkenneth@gmail.com). 






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