QuiCC Makes a Tech Start UP Splash with Closed caption technology

Join us in this interview from September of 2019 as we talk with two of the staff from QuiCC, Taylor Stevenson and Krissy Buck, about the exciting new technology launched several months from Wichita, KS for creating captions from the audio in your videos. Look for fresh updates from QuicCC in the near future on our podcast, as the company is growing rapidly and they have new announcements frequently. 

85% of video is now watched with the sound off, so your really need to learn about this new approach for creating video with hard captions burned right to the video with their own algorithms for capturing the audio and burning into the audio file captions that can be read from any mobile device

QuiCC is an Artificial Intelligence company, headquartered in Wichita, KS is using software they developed for the QuiCC app.  This hard caption software app they have released to the market works and the success of the rollout of the beta to all seven continents including Antarctica. Creating hard caption of your video files in just a few minutes and have it work with a high level of accuracy is a real breakthrough in the voice recognition software space and with this new approach, the conversion software works in just a few minutes rather than overnight as is the case with some providers.

What is QuiCC?

QuiCC is an automated video captioning tool.  You upload a video, and its caption engine will transcribe the video with about 91% accuracy.  From there, the tool provides an easy interface to make final edits before burning captions into your video and letting you download the final version.

Burning in captions (also called open captions) essentially just adds the captions permanently to your video, as opposed to being able to toggle them via the video player (closed captions). This allows you to you can style the captions to help them match your brand

No matter what platform they are uploaded to, your videos will always have captions available

In the nine months since their launch QuiCC has already saved video content creators nearly 500,000 minutes of their time in captioning post-production work.

QuicCC was also the winner of the 2019 Visionary Award for the best start-up idea in Wichita, KS.

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