Growing a Business From Blue Corn, Eddie Sandoval

Eddie Sandoval started Pinole Blue as a senior in college just three years ago, once he reached the point where he know he needed to decide what he wanted to do with his life.

He remembers as a child making family trips back to Chihuahua, Mexico and visiting family in the mountains where the Tarahumaras live. He decided he needed a way to give back to this community that is the basis of his heritage. On these trips, his family would always bring the Pinole, a ground blue corm made into a refreshing and filling drink. He family had consumed Pinole for generations, and further research into the properties of the drink used by the natives of Chihuahua found there were many renowned runners who drank Pinole before they started long-distance runs of 50 to 100 miles.

In our interview with Eddie, we learned more about his passion to develop a business that has very quickly grown into products being distributed to 18 states and now available on amazon.  You will love listening to the passion this young man has for his business and his desire to give back to his heritage via is his support for this native tribe, but also the local community with various fund raisers and sponsorships. 

One of the ways Eddie has grown his business the old fashion and proven method of knocking on the doors of coffee shops, natural foods groceries and running conventions. His natural ability to talk with passion about the benefits of his product has made growing the business with personal connections easier. But he didn't stop there, he has partnered with people that are experts in digital content management and has grown a rather large following on social media. 

Pinole Blue corn is organic certified and rich in antioxidants. The product line now includes baked goods, protein mixes, and the drink mix.

When Eddie started his business he pledged to give back a percentage of sales to the Tarahumara tribe to help provide the necessary resources needed for their every day lives. Lean more in the interview.

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