Esp 047 The Entrepreneur and Paid Speaking Gigs

Have you ever wondered if you could be a paid speaker? How would you do?  Are you following your passion? Join us in this podcast as we talk with Mindy East, the founder of Baron Ridge Productions and Scott Pierce, the voice of Friends University football, an MC and professional speaker.  Mindy found her passion years ago after a career as a publicist for local weather broadcasters when she developed a relationship with Steve Sax, former star of the Los Angeles Dodgers and started acting as his agent for speaking engagements.  The passion for this work has grown into a successful business as Baron Ridge Speakers Agency providing keynote speakers and emcees across the nation for corporate events, conferences, seminars and personal appearances.

Scott Pierce started his career in the medical field, and by chance, became the announcer for sports at Friends University and a talented public speaker.  Both Mindy and Scott are following their passions and have turned public speaking into careers. 

Would you like be a professional keynote speakers at business events or corporate functions? You just a passion for motivating, educating and inspiring your audience and leave them with a lasting, memorable experience.

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