Ep 058 Local Entrepreneur Takes the Leap Into Niche Publishing

If you want to hear an inspiring story of a hard luck guy growing up with limited resources, marrying young, putting family first and then when the time is right taking the leap into being an entrepreneur by becoming the local publisher of Medical Professionals, then tune in to hear this interview of Miguel Olave

Miguel attended high school in Derby, Kansas and would have dropped out, except for a special teacher that took him under her wing and mentored him to complete high school and start to make a career for himself.  Miguel loves sales and people which helped make him successful in wireless and a solutions consultant for local wireless providers.  But Miguel realized he wanted more for his future and more for his family, so when the time was right, he become the local publisher for Medical Professionals, a unique lifestyle publication for local doctors and health care administrators.

Miguel realized that medical professionals more than anyone, need to connect with each other, learn about other doctors and medical providers and be part of a community, while working long hours serving patent needs.  The publication tells the stories of medical professionals in their own words and for Miguel he is able to develop a network of service providers that can reach medical professionals in print and in a way that is focused on the needs of these professionals.

In our interview we also learn more about Miguel passion around communicating with the community to educate them on the need for mental health services.  In addition Miguel is a passionate spokesperson, speaking at area community groups and schools on the issues of mental health services.  

We also discuss the growth opportunity for this business as Wichita, Kansas is only the fourth location for this publication and there are opportunities in most of the major cities across the United States. 

We now see Miguel reaching his potential as an entrepreneur and advocate for mental health.  You can learn a lot here and its just more inspiring story of the entrepreneurial spirit that is growing in Wichita, Kansas. 

To learn more, reach Miguel on LinkedIn. He also provides his phone number in the interview, should you be interested in knowing more about this opportunity. 

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