An Entrepreneur Pivots to Coaching for Sales Success - Ivy LaClair

We caught up with Wichita-based entrepreneur and business coach, Ivy LaClair to learn more about her pivot to being a life coach for entrepreneurs with a focus on motivating others to be more confident in their sales strategies. 

Ivy grew up in Wichita and moved to Berkeley, CA building a multiple 6-figure motivational speaking and coaching business, before returning home recently. 

To accomplish her business objectives she created Shine On, Wichita! to provide events, group programs, and one-on-one coaching services supporting heart-centered entrepreneurs in Wichita to make more money and grow their businesses in an authentic way that doesn’t feel “salesy.”  

One thing that Ivy has learned about working with what she calls "Heart-Centered" entrepreneurs is that many times they go into business with a desire to give back and help, and feel that commitment isn't about making as much money as possible, while providing the services they feel are important to make their communities better. 

Ivy LaClair is committed to helping heart centered entrepreneurs finally gain all the confidence they need to show up for themselves and shape a life and business they love, while making money for the work they do.
Ivy brings experiential insights from her own journey and a gold standard coaching certification as a business and abundance coach to her work. She delivers a unique blend of mindset and spiritual support with highly effective branding and sales conversion strategies. Ivy LaClair paves the way for all heart centered entrepreneurs to boldly step into their power and own their worth.
Ivy LaClair specializes in helping leaders hone their “inner game” so they can achieve their biggest professional and financial goals. She is the host of Mind Climate, a podcast for folks who want to turn their headspace into a place fit for a destination vacation.
Ivy is also a nationwide facilitator and expert in the realm of change, transformation, and success. She founded Shine On, Wichita!, a company dedicated to creating community, prosperity, and happiness for business owners in Wichita, KS.
You find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.
For our audience of podcast listeners, here's her guide to being authentic in your sales approach. 
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